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Product Description

Ionic Mobile App (IMA) Builder is a web tool (not SaaS) to build a template code for Ionic Framework v1
and also build backend for storage media without coding. You can build project to app file (apk) using ionic, cordova or phonegap or online phonegap build.

Latest Version: release: rev17.07.28 (waiting approved)
Download latest version our product:
Youtube Channel: and

Announce the winners:

Components used Ionic Framework, Cordova, along with plugins combined with Ionic Material. And a data storage medium is a WordPress REST-API, or also able automatically create WordPress Plugin. or using other storage media such as firebase, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, RSS and other CMS. We use JSON format, if your CMS support JSON that this tool also support, and your CMS don’t have JSON file that you can create JSON file using REST-API Generator. You could even make it easier without touching HTML/JS/CSS using this tools, if you need Custom also support for that.

This example App created using IMA Builder V.16.10 Kata-kata Mutiara or Many peoples using their company name, but you still can searching app that created using our tool in playstore:


  1. Settings Project (Name, Domain Whitelist, Start with, direction etc)
  2. Clone, Download, Delete Project and Data
  3. Auto Generate Docs for Build (You just need to follow the docs supplied)


  1. Style Sidemenu, Tabs
  2. Also support expanded, right/left, top/bottom menu
  3. Color, Background or Image
  4. Webview, App Browser, External Browser, Email, SMS, Call, Playstore


  1. Type Code Editor and Visual Editor using TinyMCE
  2. Fab button, Hide Navbar, Title Tranparant
  3. Custom ngController (for programmer user)
  4. Ionicons, Ionic Button, Font integrated with TinyMCE

PopOver Menu

  1. Internal Link, Webview, App Browser, External Browser, Email, SMS, Call, Playstore

Tables (Database in MySQL)

  1. Custom Messages for handle error message
  2. Custom HTTP Header (for programmer user)
  3. Template for Data Listing (more than 10 templates)
  4. Template for Single Data (more than 10 templates)
  5. Colorize
  6. Source JSON (offline or online)
  7. 1st Variable for URL List Item
  8. URL List Item and URL Single Item
  9. URL List Item and URL Single Item
  10. Column
  11. Custom Messages
  12. Authentication
  13. Custom HTTP Header

Extra Menu

  • Admob
  • Custom CSS
  • Custom JS
  • Custom Fonts
  • Enqueue Scripts
    1. CSS
    2. JS
  • Form Builder
    1. Page About
    2. Simple Quiz
    3. Text Quote
  • Import Project
  • Page Builder
  • Push Notifications
  • Resources Generator

Back-End Tools

  • JSON Tools (Use for create offline data)
  • RESTAPI Generator (Use for create PHP Code for CMS does not have REST-API)
  • Web Admin Generator (Use for create PHP Code for Web Admin)
  • RSS to JSON Converter (Use for convert RSS/Feed to JSON as backend)
  • WordPress Plugin Generator (Use for create WordPress Plugin)

Helper Tools

  • Code Docs
  • Credits and Licenses
  • Ionicons Cheatsheet
  • Recovery / Fix Issue Code
  • Unicode Converter

Support and Docs

Creating an application requires your creativity, we not provide guides for your app (only for global apps). so we do not expect a passive buyer. What is not supported by this item? FAQs and You can learning IMA BuildeRz from this Youtube Channel: and and also other docs

System Requirements

System Requirements for This Tool are:

We suggest imabuilder installed on the local machine, because imabuilder processes zip and unzip and process many images. This requires pretty high ram and it takes some security off.

- Apache / XAMPP / WAMPP / LAMPP (localhost) or cPanel/Hosting (Very suitable to use XAMPP + PHP5.6.x)
- PHP 5.6.x or latest
- Disk Free Space 100MB
- zlib extension or php zip, gd,  ImageMagick
Support system available for you, if you got problem that you can submit a ticket or send email 

Compiler and Publish to market (outside of our service)

- Android SDK for android or Xcode (Required Mac Hardware) for IOS
- JDK8
- NodeJS and NPM
- Ionic or Cordova

You failed to install the software above, beyond our responsibility. But if you need help about installation you can submit ticket to support system,
please remember this topic outside of our service.

How To Update

- Backup/copy-paste projects and output folder to other folder
- Overwrite all files/folder with new file Ionic Mobile App Builder
- Restrore/copy your projects to ionic app builder again
- Then change permission all file folder projects and output (chmod 777) 

Change Log

- Improve Extra Menu -> Push Notification OneSignal (Additional Data var `page` for open specific pages)
- Improve Extra Menu -> Page Builder -> WordPresss Eazy Setup
- Add Extra Menu -> Page Builder -> Email Us With Php Mailer
- New features -> Extra Menu -> Cordova Plugin
- New features -> Backend Tools -> (IMAB) Others
- Fix KCFinder issue with domain and port

- Fix docs in dashboard
- Improve page-builder - eazy wordpress setup

 17.6.26 (release)
- Fix page-builder - youtube (tab mode issue) (thank @ijorider)
- Improve webview, appbrowser and page-builder -> fullwebview
- Improve some docs in ima-builder

17.6.19 (pre-release)
- Fix bookmark issue
- Change method login ima-builder

17.6.12 (pre-release)
- Improve some docs in ima-builder
- Improve input validation dashboard
- Improve page-builder - full webview, eazy wordpress setup
- Fix issue upload validation page-builder - import new modules
- Fix issue upload validation import project
- Improve Web Admin Generator 
- Improve REST-API Generator 

17.6.05 (release)
- Improve and fix security for live test REST-API Generator  
- Improve and fix security for live test Web Admin Generator  
- Improve and fix security for live test RSS to JSON Converter
- Improve some docs in ima-builder

17.6.01 (release)
- Add file Live test for REST-API Generator, Web Admin Generator, RSS to JSON Converter
- Add form type barcode scanner
- fix issue max scripts in enqueue scripts menu (thank @Richard brack)
- Add prefix `imab` every features

17.05.16 (pre-release)
- Add offline data support categorization 
- Add Angular Locale
- Add directive pdf reader
- Improve code docs
- Update ionicframework v1.3
- Improve form and fix some issue (thank @abayuba rodriguez)
- Improve Page Builder -> Page Boxed Menu
- Improve Clone to Project in Dashboard
- Improve Import Menu

17.05.01 (release)
- Add new features Helper Tools -> MySQL to JSON
- Improve docs, form and table
- Add page builder -> rss

17.04.17 (pre-release)
- Improve docs, form and table
- Improve Page Builder -> Page GMAP
- Improve Page Builder -> Page Youtube
- Improve JSON Editor
- Improve JSON Raw Editor (support JSON from PhpMyAdmin)

17.04.10 (pre-release)
- Fix docs in Dashboard and code docs
- Add page builder -> page gmap
- Add page builder -> page wordpress rest-api enabler (for custom post-type)
- Fix PHP/SQL Rest-API Generator issues
- Fix WordPress Plugin Generator issues

17.04.03 (release)
- Fix docs in Dashboard
- Add FAQs items

17.03.26 (pre-release)
- Improved Cart, Social Sharing on Table
- Add page builder -> page wordpress
- Add page builder -> page youtube
- Add page builder -> page faqs
- Add page builder -> eazy setup membership
- Add page builder -> eazy setup wordpress
- Add page builder -> eazy setup woo

17.03.01 (pre-release)
- Add Option Shopping Cart on Table Menu
- Improved Bookmark on Table Menu
- Add variable $ionicActionSheet to controller
- Fix blank page after activation
- Improve RSS To JSON Converter
- Improve OneSignal notification
- Improve Localforage for Offline Storage 
- Improve easy changing default app id (config in index.php)
- Add option 1st Variable for Single Item in Table
- Add column type password/username in Table
- Add Auth support to PHP/SQL Rest-API Generator
- Add Auth support to WEB Admin Generator

17.02.01 (pre-release)
- Improved Bookmark on Table Menu
- Add FAQs template on Table Menu
- Improve thumbnail for RSS To JSON Converter
- Add OneSignal to push notification
- Improved Docs in dashboard
- Add menu FAQS

17.01.01 (release)
- Fix SMS Directive for IOS
- Add date, datetime, and time in option type form
- Add option bookmark
- Add new docs in dashboard
- Add Example WP JSON User in Page Builder
- Add Example Radio App in Page Builder
- Improve Smart Code Builder

16.11.14 (release)
- Fix issue form upload style Material Input
- Add Menu Builder in Page Builder
- Fix Page Index

16.11.07 (pre-release)
- Add option Go back in page
- Add Option WordPress Plugin Generator
- Add new template Smart Code Builder 

- Add custom meta tags
- Add option localforaga/indexedDB 
- Improve Smart Code Builder
- Fix issue class String (Fatal Error pre-release issue)
- Add Template Image Reader to Page Builder
- Fix Header Shrink option in mode tab menu (blank page issue) 
- Fix Go to Top option in mode tab menu.
- Add input type file and hidden field in form builder
- Add Smart Code builder in Page (Beta Test)
- Fix and Add option Scroll, Overflow Scroll, Force Remove Has Header, Title Tranparant, Header Shrink and Hide Navbar in Page
- Delete htaccess (issue for hosting not support URL Rewrite)
- Add AnggularJS Dependency for insert plugin anggularJS to ionic
- Fix permission issue in JSON Tool (Thank @Alfonso)
- Add new query orderby in PHP REST-API Generator
- Add searching form in Icon Dialog (Thank: @Theophile Marcellus)

- Fix Issue Data Table in Web Admin Generator
- Add Template Text Quote to Page Builder
- Fix form upload image, file, audio in Web Admin Generator
- Add auto detect kcfinder filebrowser in Web Admin Generator
- Fix sensitive variable in Table (issue using as backend) 
- Add new option type in menu: Webview, App Browser, External Browser, Email, SMS, Call, Playstore
- Add new option type in popover: Webview, App Browser, External Browser, Email, SMS, Call, Playstore
- Add Sample Code in Page Custom ngController
- Add new feature updates (beta test).
- Fix form upload image in Web Admin Generator
- Add Template Quiz to Page Builder
- Fix Issue Custom Controller in page editor
- Fix backslash issue in page (thank @Jang Hyunwoo)
- Add clone button to dashboard (Thank: @Theophile Marcellus)
- Add Features Custom Menu
- Fix menu (overwrite issue)
- Add option dashboard (start page with)
- Add more directive (check in code docs menu) 
- Add custom router

- New features Custom Fonts
- New features Import Projects
- New features Joomla Module
- New features Enqueue Scripts
- New features Ionicons Cheatsheet
- Fix issue register single page (Thank @refly)
- Add form option select (Thank @ali fis joe)
- Add GMAP Listing template to table
- Fix RTL Menu, Popover and Other
- Fix Custom Controller in page
- Add table template in table
- Fix Backend RSS 2 JSON Convert (Thank: @Jens Campoy) 
- Add colorful color 
- Add OAut1.0a in table (For Woo, Create a user then generate woo api)
- Fix filename in WordPress Plugin Generator (please uninstall old plugin in your wp and reinstall with new plugin)
- Add TextDomain Localization support in WordPress Plugin Generator (You can create your own langguage using loco-translate plugin)
- REST-API Helper move to WordPress Directory (Now Eazy update using Official

- Add slidebox to Column Type (table)
- Add homepage template (table)
- Add table relation (table)
- Fix PHP + MySQL RESTAPI Generator  
- Fix WordPress Plugin Generator  
- Add table relation (table)
- Fix help doc in dashboard (Thank: @Theophile Marcellus)
- Fix menu issue (Thank: @Theophile Marcellus)
- Fix form issue (Thank: @Theophile Marcellus)

- Add new features Push Notifications
- Add new features PHP Backend/Admin Builder
- Add new features Page Builder
- Merge crossdomain and JSON Format to URL Checker
- Add option Menu Position (thank @Sieng Van)
- Change Format Title to Trusted HTML (issue HTML Entity)
- Fix Tables and add column source.
- Replace name PHP + MySQL Generator with PHP + MySQL RESTAPI Generator
- Fix Form Builder

- Add Avatar Template in Table
- Fix arabic issue in PHP + MySQL Generator (thank @khaloooody)
- Add RTL Option in Dashboard
- New form features
- Fix css issue
- Add more size in Image Featured WP Plugin REST-API Helper

- Add variable to menu column for support @utf8 label (thank @Rungsan Suyala ).
- Add Per args for WP Plugin Maker (thank @Macromind)
- Add Per args for PHP + MySQL
- Add example picture (Thank to and dotNet Photograhy)
- Fix youtube issue in PHP + MySQL Generator  (thank @sebaryco)
- Fix youtube issue in WordPress Plugin Generator (thank @sebaryco)
- Add trust url for video, audio, iframe
- Fix popover in tabs mode (thank @auliamuslim)
- New features crossdomain check
- New features resources generator

- Add new feature unicode converter
- Fix refresh pulldown (thank @farzanfx)
- Fix download (thank @Callehost)
- Fix security issue
- Add avoid crawler bot, using robots.txt and noindex nofollow

- Add new feature Custom JS (AngularJS directive)
- Add new feature RSS To JSON Convert
- Add domain whitelist (Dashboard)
- Add download button project and output (Dashboard)
- Fix delete button (Dashboard)
- Add column type youtube (Table)
- Add column type webview (Table)
- Add column type google map (Table)
- Fix column type video (Table)
- Fix column type audio (Table)
- Add preview of column type (Table)
- Add button lock for protect pages (Page)
- Change Logo and background browser to KCFinder(Page)
- Add hero background (Page)
- Fix css output (youtube, audio, video output)
- Fix main CSS/JS

- Add new Color
- Add column type audio
- Add column type social share
- Add fetch per scroll option
- Add new Template table (rest-api1, rest-api2, woocommerce, job_listing) 
- Add page info (example code and variable)
- Improve PHP+MySQL
- Improve WordPress Private Plugin
- Auto Register support system
- Add new Feature Custom CSS
- Update Ionic framework 1.3
- Fix Description on Dashboard Tab (tinymce issue)

- Improve Page, TinyMCE Ionic Button Plugin
- Emulator Add Button Stroge Clear and New Windows
- Page type Webview

- Auth Basic (Default username/password: regel)
- Fix Scrolling issue
- Fix PHP+MySQL issue non-utf8
- Page Type (Iframe)
- Table JSON Costum Variable 

- Add Extra Tool-PHP+MySQL Generator for REST-API (for Other CMS/PHPMyAdmin as backend)
- Improve Extra Tool-WordPress Plugin Generator (Icon Picker, Wp Media/Image Upload)
- Add Change Emulator Button
- Add Single Template (Heroes Style) in Tables Tab
- Fix Permission Issue
- Fix Extra Tool-JSON 


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